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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing Professional

    by: Angie T

    Kirsten is an Amazing Professional in her field! With her experience, professionalism, honesty, and personality, you want her on your side to make your experience the best!

  • Hard working agent!

    by: Brian R

    “Kirsten Shafer is the hardest working Realtor on the planet. Even though hope was low for me, she kept showing me home after home until we found the winner. I didn’t keep track, but I do believe over the course of a year we viewed at least 60 homes, possibly as many as 80. Every day she had a smile and every day she was hopeful I’d land a house… …Even after a short sale foreclosed and the first home inspection revealed a nasty crack in the foundation that would make San Andreas look like a sidewalk crack. Kirsten stayed positive and never gave me any reason to change realtors. I will always recommend her in the future. And don’t worry about her driving skills….she can withstand a semi-truck.” ~ Brian R. Thanks Brian! We love working with you and hope you are enjoying your new digs!

  • Full service help! Best agent around

    by: Lars B

    “Kirsten is the best. I was looking to invest in a rental property in the Phoenix area and since I live out of state, I needed someone that I could trust to handle the buying process and manage the property without me having to be there. I reached out to a handful of places and not only was Kirsten one of the first to respond, she was available to talk on the phone the same day and made a great impression on me from the get-go. My gut feeling right away was to go with Kirsten Shafer and I’m glad I did. The buying process was seamless. Unlike other brokers I’ve dealt with in the past (who I’ve also been happy with overall BTW), Kirsten is extremely tech-savy and provided all the necessary tools to handle the process remotely. I only took one short trip to Phoenix to look at the property and that was it. Due to Kirsten’s great marketing, the property was leased within a matter of weeks and I haven’t had to worry about anything. They are dealing with the tenants, the HOA, local utilities and contractors. They even received a ton of packages with household goods from Amazon on my behalf and put them into the unit (which I am renting out as a fully furnished apartment). I highly recommend Kirsten and her team.” ~ Lars B.

  • Kirsten Shafer saved me! Managed and sold!

    by: Nevin A

    What a Godsend this company was for me!! I was renting my home in a suburb of Phoenix and my tenant was beginning to drive me crazy with her relentless demands and continual tendency to pay her rent late each and every month. The second I hired this company, I literally never had to think about it again and they took care of everything! It was so worth the low fee they requested. I literally slept better at night not having to deal with that hassle all the time. When it came time to sell my home, they went above and beyond with staging and showing the property. They were able to sell the home in no time and every step of the process was seamless. I especially want to recommend Kirsten Shafer. She was so friendly and easy to work with. I wish every business could operate this way! Thank you

  • Love the communication!

    by: Carol J

    I also want to tell you how happy I am to have found you!! I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that you are on top of things and looking out for our interests. Love the communication! Your team is great! Thanks again.

  • Perfect choice for a realtor

    by: Sue P

    Kirsten Shafer was also referred to us by friends who had a wonderful experience when they used Kirsten to help buy a home and also sell their's. We decided to utilize her services and were thoroughly impressed with her ability to locate exactly the type of house that we were seeking in the neighborhood that we wanted. And her flexibility to help us, her responsiveness to our needs, and her overall friendliness made her a perfect choice for a Realtor. We're looking forward to using her as our realtor on the next purchase. Kirsten, thanks for helping us and for all of you looking for a Real estate agent - she's a perfect choice.

  • I highly recommend this wonderful realtor

    by: Chris I

    Kirsten Shafer helped me find my first home. I was clueless and extremely nervous about going in to debt again. Kirsten and her amazing staff held my hand through entire process and I couldn't be happier with my new home. I highly recommend this wonderful realtor.

  • Great management and sales company!

    by: Bill B

    After being my management company for 2 1/2 years I used Kirsten to sell my income property because I had moved to another state. Her contacts did a wonderful "face lift" to get the property sell ready. I expected about 45 days on the market but she had an offer in less than 3 weeks.

  • I consider Kirsten an exceptional real estate agent and would highly recommend her without hesitation.

    by: Mark R

    I met Kirsten by chance – simply filling out an information request for a property I had found online. A few weeks later we went house hunting around the Chandler area, which proved to be a fun, enjoyable and all around great experience. Kirsten is very familiar with the different communities within Chandler and helped us narrow our search close to my work. Kirsten was really a dream come true, she provided us the exact level of help without ever making us feel pressured or stressed. A few months later, we found a great home and closed on it without a second thought. The entire process from start to finish was seamless. Beyond her amazing work as a real estate agent she is also a very warm, generous and funny woman. I consider Kirsten an exceptional real estate agent and would highly recommend her without hesitation.